I have been telling stories all of my life. When I was three I had an alterego with a fully fledged backstory. When I was seven I started entertaining the girls in my dorm with stories at night. I never wanted to play kiss chase or doctors and nurses. I wanted to play go around the tree three times and then you will be in a magical land you have to save from an evil entity with your comedy sidekick and magical talking animal.

Other kids just did not play intricate enough stories.

After years of unfinished projects I wrote three historical romances. I am enjoying writing what I read. I love romances! I love shapeshifter stories! I love long bubble baths, train journeys, lazy afternoons, all with a well written janeaustenmisunderstanding ™, angsty separation, guilt and then happy ever after.

At the moment I am writing fairy tale adaptations in a shapeshifter iron age world which is taking over my subconscious! I love my medieval historicals but I needed to write #ownvoice and so I decided to choose a story that already existed – Cinderella – and put a neurodivergent twist on it.

I have planned out Cinderella, Snow Queen, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast and I’m working on Little Mermaid. I really want to include Jessamine, but I still can’t find the origin of that story so I don’t know if it’s copyright rather than fairytale. The search continues!