My Archetypes Articles So Far…

My Archetypes pieces are the price The Pink Heart Society pays for my editing. I love writing them. In a recent interview with #UKRomChat I said it might be a side effect of my Aspergers, but I see patterns in words the way some see them in Magic Eye pictures.

These articles are about characters, pitfalls in writing them, and how best to pair them off…all in my ever so very humble opinion…

The early ones may contain language I’ve yet spotted which contains linguistic bias for a binary gender system. I edit them out as I notice them, because just because a habit is ingrained doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to change, and I am trying. If you see mistakes where I’ve said “both genders” or something like that, please tell me.

About marcherwitch

I like books with happy endings. I like books where the couple doesn't get broken up by one of them getting killed off. I intend to write more of these books.
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