Cover Reveal!

Here it is! The official cover from LoveAfricaPress for my medieval romance set in Marrakech. Gorgeous, right!?

So many thanks to Kiru Taye who talked me through what I wanted and, I believe, did this herself.

The model has all Tison’s sexy personality and determination (and I will acknowledge she is more west than east African because I don’t want people to think I didn’t care, but look at that face! …oh, you don’t know Tison yet so… ok, read the book, and then get back to me!)

This book is an m/f medieval romance. Tropes include: employee/employer, RigidSelfControl, public appearances, and self-affirmation. It contains references to past emotional trauma and scenes including misuse of drugs but I kept the angst at that juicy, heart-clenching level rather than hurtful.

I do not claim this book will change your life. I just hope it will make it easier for a while!

And seriously, how gorgeous is that cover!!!

About marcherwitch

I like books with happy endings. I like books where the couple doesn't get broken up by one of them getting killed off. I intend to write more of these books.
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4 Responses to Cover Reveal!

  1. Beautiful cover! PreOrder or release set? 🙂

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