Xmas Romance Recommendations

Many of these will be familiar to my friends but I feel the need to share since our decs are out of the attic, we’ve ordered the welsh black beef from the butcher (hashtag middle class), and I am into my rereads along with some new beloved titles.

Five Xmassy Books for December:

Unwrapping HanieEmpi Baryeh; What’s that? Internet meet up, second chance after asshole ex, sexy mild control play in bed, and a bloke who feels a friend connection as well as a ‘i want to mount you and not on my wall’ connection? Yes, please! May I have another? No seriously, I really hope Empi makes this a series, it’s glorious and hot and adorable! Also features some great Best Friending scenes which is always a delight!

To Tempt a Scoundrel Christi Caldwell; So much a favourite I am using it to lure my mum into abandoning Heyer for Caldwell. All the Caldwellian hallmarks are here: warm, enchanting characters who you root for, delicious Austen Misunderstanding ™, a passel of characters you just know will get their own books and you’ll love them too, and in this case a description of Christmas in the era that makes you feel cosy and xmassy for your own!

Dance All NightAlexis Daria; When I read this, I immediately bought a paper copy because this is a read-in-the-coffee-shop-while-drinking-seasonal-hot-chocolate kinda book. It’s adorable and steamy and a literal tick off christmas items book that you will cheer for! It’s a sequel but absolutely stand alone able!

Snowed In Rhoda Baxter; If you don’t want angst, just a romance as soft as big ol’ snowflakes and warm as cocoa, this is the one for you! STEM, rich woman and lovely chap are snowed in a village pub and bond and it’s just flawless start to finish! Perfect for those who work Xmas Eve and need to get into the spirit of the holidays STAT!

One Mistletoe WishAC Arthur; There is something unbelievably satisfying in reading about someone who 100% deserves happiness getting happiness. Fruits of labours – sorted! Sexy rich man blowing into town is also wonderfully told. She makes him work for it and I love it!

I still do not understand the damn wordpress block system at all so this is going here and not at the end. Professionalism? What’s that?

Though I am a pagan I do love me the warmth and fulfilling joy of Xmas novels! If you have not partaken before, now is the time!

Thank you and I hope you find something wonderful to get you in the mood for the cold nights – or hot if you’re in the southern hemisphere. And if there is nothing here that tickles your fancy, please check out www.loveafricapress.com. They are a small business specialising in romances about Africa and Africans across many subgenres. If you can’t find something you like there, you haven’t found the store yet 😉 .

Take care, stay cosy, remember that family is earned and you do not have to take shit just because it’s doled out! Have a great solstice and keep the lights burning through the darkest hours and may your chores be fast and your feasting tasty!

Author of the Heart of Gold series with LoveAfricaPress

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I like books with happy endings. I like books where the couple doesn't get broken up by one of them getting killed off. I intend to write more of these books.
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