From the World Up – The Evil Empire


Episode Six Evil Empire

Hello, darlings!


This fortnight’s episode is on the subject of The Evil Empire. Shudderingly real again these days, isn’t it, between Russia and the US? But no fear, I focus on the medieval and ancient in my explorations of the things you need to have considered to make your Evil Empire realistic and consistent.

Comment with any questions, or suggestions for future podcasts you need to hear for your world-building.



Here is the episode on Anchor, with links for apple podcasts, google, spotify etc.


Note: there won’t be a podcast next fortnight. I’ll just be back from holiday and jetlagged! So plenty of time to let me know if there’s something you need me to cover.


All my love,


About marcherwitch

I like books with happy endings. I like books where the couple doesn't get broken up by one of them getting killed off. I intend to write more of these books.
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