From the World Up – Genesis of Religions

Episode Seven Genesis of Religions

In this episode I talk about how some of the major religions of our world got started in order to help you build your own world’s religions. Warning: western goggles, some anti-monotheistic sentiment, and omg, hardly any detail because I wanted to keep the length under 30 minutes. I left out Jainism, Sikhism, and modern shamanic practice for starters.


As ever, you can access this podcast on google, spotify, and on loads of other platforms through anchor.

And here it is on youtube:

As ever, I crave feedback, if I’m doing something really right or really wrong, let me know! And if you have any aspect of world-building which you’re struggling with, let me know that too and I’ll do an episode if I can!

About marcherwitch

I like books with happy endings. I like books where the couple doesn't get broken up by one of them getting killed off. I intend to write more of these books.
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