From the World Up – Welcome to [Village]

Episode Five Welcome to Village


Phew! The last two weeks FLEW BY! i had to check my calendar because I was sure I couldn’t be due another podcast yet! Thank you so much for your interest, it means a lot to know I am helping (or possibly making people laugh).


This week’s episode is called ‘Welcome to [Village]’ and focuses on the layout of a village as well as considerations such as how protected it might be and how it gets its food. This one is the most euro-centric one I’ve done so far, since most of my knowledge is based on the medieval european setting.



This episode will be most useful for DnD DMs and people writing quest storylines, which usually either begin in or pass through a village at some point. At any rate, I hope I can help you flesh out your world.


Feedback is gold! Please let me know if my speech pattern/speed/pitch is all right! Otherwise I won’t change and you’ll be stuck with something that bugs you!


Here is the Anchor podcast, which links to spotify , apple, and google podcasts will upload when the system finishes publishing them.


And here it is on youtube:


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From the World Up – Teaching Magic

Episode Four Teaching Magic


Hello, darlings!


A day early, but I’m off to meet with a darling friend tomorrow! This fortnight’s episode is about Magic Schools, Mage Colleges, and Teaching Magic. Using my own experience in private education (don’t hate me… RAF subsidisation + scholarship), and research into medieval schools I hope to help you flesh out your own magic schools.


Here are the links to all the places the podcast can be listened to, from apple to google and everything in between!

Podcast Links

And here is the youtube version (no embedding this time as I’m in a rush! Sorry!)

Podcast on youtube

And if you’re interested, I’ve also written a piece on two of the most popular archetypes in romancelandia, the Brooding Duke, and the Pamela, here on Pink Heart Society It’s a really good magasine site with a lot of good articles and book recommendations and such run by wonderful people. Plus, if loads of people read it, I might get to do some more, and I’d love that! So please do have a gander!

Love y’all!



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From the World Up – Episode 3 – Prostitution


New episode of my world-building podcast, this time about Prostitution.—Prostitution-e1k37k

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From the World Up – Deserts

Link to podcast on Anchor


In this episode I focus on deserts and desert cultures, hopefully helping you out with your world-building along the way!

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From the World Up – Episode 1 – Slavery

Link to episode on Anchor

Here is episode 1 of my new podcast, From the World Up. It’s a world-building podcast, and this episode is meant to help you consider ways to work slavery into a sustainable model for your fantasy world.




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From the World Up


I have started a new podcast with hideously amateurish equipment and attitudes, to talk about world-building. I want to use my vast array of otherwise useless knowledge about the medieval era to help other people with world-building in a fantasy context.


Now, I know fantasy doesn’t have to be historically accurate, but it does have to be realistic to a degree, unless you’re going full Lewis Caroll in which case, good luck, traveller!


If you have a subject, area, or even a vague notion, which you would like me to talk about, please let me know!


Episode 1, Slavery, is in the works at the moment, and will be followed by Episode 2, Living in a Desert.

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#Alpha or #Asshole


Hullo! The Pink Heart Society, a website dedicated to all things romance, used my little bit of blurb and edited it into coherence for a piece on the difference between #alphas and #assholes.

I’m chuffed to bits!


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